When do I Need to Upgrade my Windows? 5 Signs to Let You Know

Whether you just like to keep up with home interior design trends, or seriously think you are in need of some home improvements, this is a good guide to let you know when it is time for new windows. Purchasing and installing windows in your home is an important decision that should be made by all owners of the home. Windows can have an effect on energy costs, outside noise levels, temperature efficiency and comfort (just to name a few).

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1. You are Paying Too Much on Your Energy Bills.

Invest more now to upgrade and save more later on energy bills. If you get windows that are energy efficient (meaning higher insulated) you are bound to see a decline in your energy cost. Based on your climate, building structure, and terrain we can make suggestions on the most energy efficient windows for you. If your home is a little older, then it is probable that you have single-pane windows, they lack the proper insulation that newer windows have to maintain home temperature. If we can get your cooling and heating systems to work less with new windows, this could be a great opportunity for you and your home.

2. Damage and Insulation Failure.

If your windows have begun to develop cracks, gaps, or even begin to let in moisture, it is your house asking for replacement windows! Signs to look for when checking your windows for damage include; moisture inside windows that you can’t seem to clean, mold, mildew, and even loud noises entering from the outside when your window is supposed to be completely shut. If you are just not sure, we can always set up a free consultation and have an expert check for you!

3. Windows Will Not Budge.

If you have been having a difficult time opening or shutting your windows, then most likely you need new ones! It is also possible your current windows simply need to go through a deep cleaning process. To confirm, during our free consultation our experts can let you know if treatment would be effective. Windows can sometimes be difficult to open or close due to dirt and dust build-up and/or even an internal issue such as, damaged springs or worn rollers. If the existing windows still prove to be difficult after a deep cleaning, then you should have us install properly working windows with a functional lock for added security and energy efficiency purposes.

4. You Want to Enhance Your Living Experience.

Your windows are the eyes and ears of your home. Without out proper windows you can hear almost everything happening outside. We can make sure your home has the best windows for energy efficiency and noise reduction. Plus, we can help ensure privacy with our interior shutters, blinds, and shades. Talk to us about getting the “Home-Space” you deserve. We can custom design your windows to fit your home just perfectly while adding a touch of modernism and elegance or really, whatever it is you are looking for. You can add value to your home and make it more aesthetically pleasing!

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5. You Can Never Get Peace and Quiet from the Outside.

If you want a peaceful and quiet space, it might be hard to do that when you can always hear the street traffic, neighbors talking, dogs barking and many other outside noises that are bound to invade your home. Newer windows can offer protection from outside noises by absorbing sound waves before they enter your home. Again, many choices to pick from, such as, double or triple-pane models. Talk to us today to find out what material and models would work best for your new efficient and secure windows

If you want to add security, serenity, and cost-efficiency to your home then it is time to upgrade your current windows. Take advantage of our “Energy Efficiency Program” and get new windows at no cost to you! There are many designs and models to choose from and redesigning your space for better living is easier than ever to do with us on your side.

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